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What is Purongo?

Purongo Modules

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Purongo is a new system for handling aspects of school administration Purongo offers a growing number of modules that may be used independently or with existing systems.

What is Purongo

  • Purongo is a new system for handling aspects of school administration.
  • Purongo has a new interface that makes viewing, entering and retrieving data easier than on more traditional systems.
  • Movable panels makes it easy to view data from different parts of the system simultaneously.
  • Spreadsheet interfaces allows for easy data entry and transfer of data between Purongo and and external systems.
  • There are many integrated school management systems that try to do everything.
  • Purongo offers a growing number of modules that may be used independently or incorporated into existing systems. we are not trying to compete with these integrated systems.
  • The Purongo team has many years of experience both in teaching and in software development for schools. Our experience has shown us some of the problems that users experience with traditional software.
  • The interface currently is in English. We plan to change the design to allow users to change the text so that they can use any language or terminology they wish.



Some questions that often come up on other systems

What languages are available?

Currently Purongo is available in English. We plan to bring out a version that will allow users to provide alternative text for all the text that appears on the screen. This will allow schools to use any language or terminology they wish.

Can I see data from different classes/modules at the same time

What if you want to view information about two different classes at the same time? Usually this is difficult but with Purongo's interface you can have as many different sets of information as you want on one screen.

Can I copy directly from a spreadsheet?

With Purongo you can copy data directly from a spreadsheet into Purongo and copy data from Purongo into a spreadsheet. In the reporting module you can create simple formulas. These can be exported with the data and used in an external spreadsheet.

How many clicks do I need to find what I want?

The Purongo menu structure means that you are never more than a few clicks away from the data you need. Because of the panel interface you keep all existing data on the screen while you look for something else.




Report card system

  • Configure assessments
  • Configure grading systems, e.g. A*-E, 7-1, etc.
  • Enter marks/grades
  • View history of marks and grades for own class
  • View history of marks and grades for classes and subjects
  • Allows classes to have multiple teachers
  • Allows classes to have students from different year groups
  • Incorporate attendance data, awards and achievements
  • Export data
  • Create PDF reports
  • Archive reports
  • Design report layout
  • Manage access to reports
  • Allow parent access if required
  • In the pipeline - report template designer
  • User defined terminology/language

Further/higher education references

  • Provides means for HE counsellors to collate information from subject teachers for reference writing

Data management

  • Create, edit, delete subject names
  • Create, edit, delete classes
  • Create, edit, delete students
  • Create, edit, delete teachers
  • Assign teachers to classes
  • Assign students to classes
  • Move students between classes

List generator

Create and export...
  • Class lists
  • List of classes taught by teacher
  • List of classes attended by student
  • List of teachers teaching a subject

Parent consultation

  • Allow parents to book appointments with teachers online in real time
  • Block times when teachers should be left free
  • Allow multiple year groups to have consultations at the same time
  • Allow teacher to have appointments with multiple parents
  • Control opening and closing of consultations




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About us

Our staff is made up of people with a wealth of experience in both teaching and educational software development.

We have been developing educational administrative software for more than 20 years and understand the needs of teachers.

We also have a team of young talented programmers to put our educational experience into practice.